Discover the Sleep Riot Revolution
We are strong. Self-Assured. Creative. Independent.

Plugged-in. Out-spoken. Confident.
Sleep Riot is a spirited brand that designs loungewear to
accompany young women from sleep to street. We believe these
women should be regarded for who they are — as go-getters,
ambitious adventurers with a need to express themselves
from inside out. We want them to feel comfy and trendy so that
they can fully convey their unique identities.
Sleep to Street
It's all about the "lounge
moments" throughout the day
and into the night, both
indoors and out. Sleep Riot is
trendy yet luxuriously cozy
loungewear that fits
today's lifestyle.
Stay tuned!
Where to Go!
Where to buy!
Contact Sleep Riot!
New York Office
183 Madison Avenue, Suite 915
New York, NY 10016
T: 646.376.4210
Montreal Office
550 Deslauriers
Montreal, Quebec, H4N 1V8
T: 514.337.4175
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